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The Mediation Chambers


Who's running the show?

Monday, 5th January 2015

Bill Marsh, in a Kluwer Mediation Blog, reflects on the differing needs and requirements of mediation participants, and a trend for parties to require mediators to provide views on the merits of the case. Marsh suggests mediators and parties need to collaborate to mould the most effective process.

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Don't torch the joint session

Monday, 22nd December 2014

In the United States, there is an increasing tendency to ditch the plenary session in mediation and to rely on the mediator to act as the go-between throughout. Eric Galton and Tracy Allen, both top mediators in the USA, plead for this trend to be reversed and to allow the parties themselves to participate. Mediation should not be taken over by the lawyers who nonetheless have a vital supporting role.

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