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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

The Joint Session

Mark Jackson-Stops, Head of Chambers, writes:

Back in 1994, I first met Andrew Paton. I had never heard of mediation, he was evangelical. I decided then and there to become a mediator, and the rest is history. This mediation tip, below, comes from him.

"The joint session is a fantastic (and probably unique) opportunity to explain your case to the decision maker on the other side. Don’t undervalue it. It may be the first time that the other parties have heard your case other than through the prism of their own legal team. Prepare carefully, thinking about the message that you want to deliver, the way you want to deliver it and the people that you need to engage with. Frequently they will not be lawyers. That will have a profound effect on the way you speak and behave."

Mediator: Andrew Paton

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