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Lawyers the best mediators?

I was recently asked by the mediator magazine ( to join the debate around the motion that “lawyers make better mediators because they engage with a wider range of issues”. I responded as follows:

“I am perfectly prepared to accept that there are some outstanding mediators who happen to be lawyers. They are outstanding only because they have managed to expand their vision beyond the narrow focus which the law gives them. They are outstanding in spite of being lawyers.

The time has come to abolish the distinction between lawyer and non lawyer mediator. There are good mediators and less good mediators, mediators who can engage with a wide range of issues and those who can't.”

For In Place of Strife, the key concern is to assist the parties to select the most suitable mediator for the case. Alongside the more mundane matters of co-ordinating dates, venue selection and booking delivery of documents and the like, we believe helping and guiding (not dictating) the choice of mediator is one of the most important things we do. And surprisingly perhaps, the cost of booking a mediator through In Place of Strife is rarely more than it would cost to book the mediator direct.

So, whether you want a top-notch mediator with a legal background, or just a top-notch mediator, I am confident we can steer the parties to the right choice.

Mediator: Mark Jackson-Stops

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