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Leap of Faith -v- Tried and Tested. A Tip from a Case Manager

Joanne Claypole, a case manager at In Place of Strife, argues for dispute resolution solicitors to put their faith in the mediation service provider.

Leap of Faith –v- Tried & Tested

Why did your client choose you as their solicitor?

It’s most likely because they believe you can do the job they want you to; because they think that you will ultimately achieve the result they desire. In other words they have faith in your abilities. Your client relies on you to provide them with the right advice and point them in the right direction. This is, after all, what they are paying you for.

So why does your client place this faith in you?

He knows, from your reputation or upon the recommendation of others, that you have done this type of work before and had a successful outcome. You are, in a sense, a tried and tested. Your client knows that despite the fact that this may be his first encounter with you, he can place his faith in you because you have a reputation, tried and tested, in your field.

This philosophy works in all relationships. In our world you are our client. We know that you put your faith in us to provide you with a top class mediator. You come to us because we have a reputation, tried and tested.

There are however, occasions where circumstances suggest that faith should be put in us to choose you the right mediator for the dispute. We are to you what you are to your client. We offer you sound advice, guidance and support and with this comes the realisation that there doesn't necessarily have to be a 'leap of faith –v- tried and tested', in conflict with one another, but rather the two working together to achieve the right solution for all.

Mediator: Joanne Claypole - Case Manager

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