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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Know your negotiating partner

Know your negotiating partner

The more you know about your adversary, the greater the prospect of knowing what will work when it comes to trying to persuade them to think again.

At a recent mediation, one side had researched in depth the complex shareholding and indebtedness of the other, as well as the professional history of its representatives, knowledge which was demonstrated at certain key moments.  Two things happened.  First, there was barely concealed surprise/admiration/fear at what was known (‘Uhmm, what else do they know - these people are good!).  Secondly, because there was a degree of similarity in the professional history of some of the executives on each side (small world isn’t it, did you know Joe Bloggs, I left after the takeover, etc., etc.), credibility and mutual respect was quickly established, game playing was dispensed with and the parties quickly got down to business.

Mediator: Jon Lang

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