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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Preparing the client for the opening meeting at the mediation.

Parties often don't appreciate that the role of their solicitor or barrister in mediation is very different from their role in preparing for trial. Consequently, they can be very apprehensive about speaking during the opening meeting in case they say something wrong.

The client's contribution during the opening meeting, however brief, is extremely important. However, they need to be coached in how they can best contribute and they need to understand the different role of the legal representative at mediation in order to feel supported. Their version of what happened and how the consequences have affected them and their business is very helpful to the process and can make the difference in setting the tone for more successful negotiations between everyone involved.

Knowing how they fit into the process and the opportunities mediation offers is an important part of the client's preparation.

Mediator: Amanda Bucklow

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