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Tap the Well of Mediator Expertise

In a recent case I acted not as mediator but as mediation and negotiation coach for one of the parties. Reflection on the success of that mediation brings to mind the following insights: 

  • The confidentiality of the mediation process makes it difficult for people with no direct mediation experience from gaining a wider understanding of what actually happens on the day. 
  • This uncertainty saps confidence and people tend to stick to their guns rather than plan to negotiate. 
  • For most people, mediation is a one time only experience and they tend only to be able to see the negotiation from their own perspective. 

Skilled mediators, acting as mediation coaches, can draw on their experience of hundreds of mediations. They know what works and what doesn’t for both claimants and defendants.

Leveraging this remarkable and broadly untapped source of advice and expertise can be of huge value to parties and their legal representatives in preparing and participating in structured dispute resolution. Preparation is key to a successful outcome. 

Amanda Bucklow, Mark Linnell and others at In Place of Strife are experienced and successful mediation coaches. Having a mediation coach as part of the team can make the difference between success and failure.

Mediator: Amanda Bucklow

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