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The Mediation Chambers

Unusual mediation venue? Think about the logistics.

We often assume that the mediation venue will have all the facilities available that we take for granted - broadband, printing, copying and so on. Mostly we mediate in modern offices but, just occasionally, there is a venue with a difference. I've mediated at premiership football stadiums, at both Trent Bridge and Edgbaston as well as other cricket grounds, at rugby grounds and race courses (though of course without the sporting entertainment). I've mediated in village halls, in pubs and in restaurants, in Portakabins and caravans and on one occasion in a car park.

If you know the venue is an unusual one, be prepared. Certainly bring a laptop. There may well be circumstances when it would be sensible to have a printer too. On the third day of a mediation recently at a cricket ground, when the nearest copying facilities were 300 metres away, I took my own printer/scanner. It proved a godsend to be able to print out schedules of settlement terms for circulation amongst the 12 parties.

Mediator: Mark Jackson-Stops

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