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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Mark Jackson-Stops, Head of Chambers, writes:

A recurring theme of the tips that come from top mediators on the In Place of Strife panel is the importance of the opportunity to make a presentation to the other side(s) in open session. Today's tip comes from Jon Lang, formerly a full time litigation lawyer at international law firm, White & Case, now a full time mediator. Its value comes from his experience both as an advocate, assisting clients in mediation, and as a mediator.

"Mediation is all about effective communication. Every word and its articulation, every gesture should be made to count. A dummy run can be a great help - a dress rehearsal with the full negotiating team at which those intending to speak, especially the clients themselves, can practise. Contributions can even be critiqued by a 'devil's advocate'. This will make for confident and well-structured exchanges on the day - a great help when trying to convince the other side that your proposal represents a good deal for them."

Mediator: Jon Lang

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