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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Pre-mediation contact


A mediator should always try to speak with the lawyer representatives separately before the mediation day. Most mediators are respectful of the lawyer/client relationship and so are reluctant to suggest direct contact with the principals themselves. Yet very often they (the principals) are concerned about what they have let themselves in for by agreeing to mediation, so speaking with the mediator could reassure them and begin to build a trusting relationship.

So why not schedule a conference call between mediator, client and lawyer? The lawyer is still in control, is party to the conversation and the client can have direct access to the mediator and be reassured that this is both a safe space and not a waste of time.

It may take time to organise but it can be invaluable to starting the mediation with confidence and belief that all will be well. 

Mediator: David Richbell

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