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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Please feel free to air any complaint verbally at first as we will do all we can to put matters right immediately.  Please speak to Joanne Claypole, Senior Case Manager.

If you would prefer to get in touch more formally, please write to Mark Jackson-Stops at the address below, providing:

  • your name, address and other contact details
  • a clear description of your concerns or complaint
  • your ideas about what you would like done to put it right
  • and copies of all relevant paperwork.

Once we’ve received your written summary of the complaint, we will contact you in writing within seven working days to inform you of our understanding of the circumstances leading to your complaint.  At this point you will be invited to make any comments that you may have in relation to this.

Within twenty-one working days of receipt of your written summary, Mark Jackson-Stops will write to you to inform you of the outcome of the investigation into your complaint and let you know what actions have been, or will be taken.

If you remain dissatisfied with any aspect of our handling of your complaint, then we will attempt to resolve this promptly through negotiation and otherwise agree to enter into mediation with you, probably under the auspices of the Civil Mediation Council.

Download Complaints Procedure 2016.pdf