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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Partnership and Shareholder

When individuals may have worked together successfully for many years before their mutual trust dissolves, the advantages of mediation over litigation are particularly apparent. These cases can be highly emotive, and a skilled mediator is able not simply to understand the complexities of the issues and the legal standing of the parties involved, but also take these further pressures into account in seeking a resolution that serves everybody’s best interests.

In Place of Strife mediators are experienced in all aspects of this type of dispute, including:

  • unfair prejudice to minority shareholders (Section 459, Companies Act 1985 and Section 994, Companies Act 2006)
  • breach of directors’ duties
  • breach of shareholder agreements / partnership deeds
  • breach of fiduciary duty and misfeasance
  • misappropriation of funds
  •  joint venture disputes
  • issues of dissolution or splitting up of a partnership
  • quasi-partnerships
  • derivative claims under Companies Act 2006

You can find all the In Place of Strife mediators with the relevant expertise here. Please get in touch with our Practice Manager, Joanne Claypole, should you wish to contact any of them directly.