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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

“There is a widespread belief that mediation is not suitable for personal injury cases. This belief is incorrect. Mediation is capable of arriving at a reasonable outcome in many personal injury cases, and bringing satisfaction to the parties in the process.”

Lord Justice Jackson, Review of Civil Litigation Costs, 2010

Mediation has been slow to take off in the fields of personal injury and clinical negligence, yet it’s especially suitable.  Those who have suffered physical or mental damage through no fault of their own have the opportunity to explain the effects they have suffered and their needs for the future.  Defendants have the opportunity to learn at first hand the impact of the problem and to acknowledge it as appropriate.  Both parties have the opportunity to agree a settlement that offsets the risks inherent in a trial and provides speedy resolution.

Our mediators are experienced in a wide variety of disputes involving:

  • medical negligence claims
  • asbestos-related disease claims
  • head, spinal cord and other catastrophic injury claims
  • work injury and illness claims
  • stress related claims