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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Regulatory and Public Sector

There can be few more challenging areas in which to mediate, but given the nature of the parties and issues involved, there are few more satisfying areas for us to work in. The vast savings in public and private resources, the lack of legal proceedings that can tie up people, time and money for long periods – these are just a couple of the reasons that these mediators have made this a specialist area of expertise.

Both regulators and public bodies tend act within a statutory framework and are subject to varying degrees of public accountability. This means that whilst regulators and public bodies may attend a mediation under the cloak of confidentiality, the outcome of a mediation may well need to be publicised or justified publicly.

So it’s not just a matter of finding a resolution to the dispute; both parties work alongside the mediator to address the steps that need to be taken when differences have been settled. It’s for this reason that pre-mediation preparation - ensuring a common understanding of the way in which any agreement is to be completed – is so important.

So whether it’s a major public procurement contract or regulatory proceedings against a regulated firm, these types of dispute usually require particularly versatile mediators with very specific skills and experience in:

  • public procurement
  • discrimination claims
  • regulatory proceedings
  • disciplinary proceedings
  • local authorities
  • health authorities
  • police authorities