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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Equality and Diversity Policy

In Place of Strife complies with the requirements set out in legislation in relation to discrimination. This applies to our dealings with employees, clients and third parties.


1.   In Place of Strife is committed to promoting equality and diversity in its own policies, practices and procedures as well as in those areas in which it has influence. All members of the organisation (which in this policy shall include employees and any self-employed person engaged by the organisation) will be informed of this policy and will be provided with equality and diversity training appropriate to their needs and responsibilities. All those who act on our behalf will be informed of this equality and diversity policy and will be expected to pay due regard to it when conducting business on our behalf. In all our dealings, including those with suppliers, contractors and recruitment agencies, we will seek to promote the principles of equality and diversity. We will make every effort to reflect our commitment to equality and diversity in our marketing and communication activities.

2.   We will treat everyone equally and with the same attention, courtesy and respect and will not discriminate against any person, nor victimise or harass them on the grounds of their

  • race or racial group (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins)
  • gender (including marital status, civil partnership status, gender reassignment, pregnancy, maternity and paternity)
  • sexual orientation
  • religion or beliefs
  • age
  • disability or illness.      

3.   We will take such steps and make such adjustments as are reasonable in all the circumstances in order to prevent any member of the organisation and clients who may be disabled from being placed at a disadvantage.


4.   We will remain free to decide whether to accept instructions from any particular client, but any refusal to act will not be based upon any of the prohibited grounds referred to in paragraph 2. We will take steps to meet the different needs of particular clients arising from our obligations under anti-discrimination legislation. 

Implementation and monitoring

5.   In implementing our equality and diversity policy, we will comply with current and any future anti-discrimination legislation and any codes of practice relevant to a mediation organisation and any relevant amendments or re-enactments of such legislation and any relevant amendment to such codes or further codes of practice.

6.   This policy will be monitored to evaluate its effectiveness and if any changes are required, they will be implemented. The policy will be updated as and when changes in legislation and regulation occur.

7.   Every employee and any self-employed person engaged by the organisation will receive a copy of this policy.


8.   We will treat seriously and take action where appropriate concerning all complaints of breaches of this policy made by employees, clients, or other third parties. All complaints will be investigated in accordance with our Complaints Procedure.

Download Equality and Diversity Policy.pdf